About Floral Scenter


With our in-house Cold Room and Temperature Controlled Display Cabinet, we ensure that our Flowers are maintained in Pristine Condition.

We offer a full range of Floral Arrangements including funeral, gift, birthday and corporate events.

We can make up your Wedding Flowers the night before, ensuring that we do not have to rush anything to meet an early deadline, and then store all your Bouquets Reception and/or Church Flowers in the Cold Room to ensure that we deliver them to you in the best possible condition even on the warmest of days.

With over 30 years experience Trading in Harborne our Team is committed to ensuring that the Flowers for your Wedding are designed and arranged to the highest possible Standard.

We encourage you to visit us and take advantage of our Free Consultation to ensure that the Florist who will arrange your Bouquets understands exactly what your requirements are.

We have a wide Selection of photographs both from design Books and from Weddings we have undertaken for you to choose from, however if you have a photograph of a particular bouquet that you like we can also make it up to match the photograph.

Just telephone us on 0121-427-4072 to arrange your Free Consultation.